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Ta-Da-Ta! (trumpet fanfare)

Welcome to the homepage of Dave Ross, nearly famous children's author, illustrator and all round nice guy. Here are few things for you to read or look at.

See Dave Ross in Action!

Here is author / illustrator Dave Ross entertaining fifth graders with
funny stories and silly drawings. "I use humor to capture the
attention of my audience and fill every presentation
dozens of age appropriate writing tips."

click here to see larger movie

  School Visits

  Information on School Visits


 What's Happening


 A Lengthy (and somewhat boring) Bibliography comes with some spiffy cover designs.


 A Brief (and mostly non-fiction) Biography (features a photo of the author at age 5- find out why my kindergarten nickname was Dumbo)

  Speaking Engagements

 A Sample chapter from Getting it Write

  What People Say

What People Say About Dave Ross 


Other Speaking Engagements - workshops and seminars on Children's Literature, Creative Writing and Astrophysics (just kidding about the physics, Astro and otherwise)

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Links to my favorite sites


Information for budding authors

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