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Just Do Your Best!

by Dave Ross

He decided he would try to be positive like his Grandma suggested and see if that helped. After thinking about everything that he would be doing in the next hour, Gerry came up with two things about Sunday School he liked. Helping his Dad deliver the twins to the nursery made him feel important and Mrs. Nethaway, his Sunday School teacher, she was a lot of fun.

When they got to church Tara was still working on her bottle. They let her stay strapped in her car seat for a minute. Everyone else got out of the car and started to get unpacked. From the trunk came the diaper bags, extra clothes and bottles. Mom organized all the stuff that went with the twins into two back packs. This was a familiar routine they went through anytime the twins left the house. It's no wonder, thought Gerry, that Mom never makes it to my games. It seemed to take forever to unpack and load up.

Mom and Grandma gave each twin a kiss and said goodbye. They walked across the parking lot and went to the back door of the church. They had to get ready to sing in the choir. Dad had a towel over one shoulder and was burping Kaitlyn. With only one free arm he needed Gerry's help to wiggle into one of the backpacks. Gerry struggled into the other backpack. Katie made a soft gurgling noise. Dad said, step back Gerry, I think this is a juicy one. "UURP," Katie burped up a fair sized lump of curdled milk. It came up with enough force to clear Dad's towel. It hit one of the car's tire's with a splat .

"Wow!" said Dad, you wouldn't think someone so little could send something so far. Katie had a big smile on her face, she almost seemed proud of her accomplishment.

Tara finished her bottle and Gerry help his Dad wrestle her out of the car seat. Dad put a fresh towel over Gerry's shoulder. "You may need this," he said. They started walking over the Sunday School building. You might want to wait outside for a while and take your time with Tara." They both glanced back at the soiled tire. With a chuckle Dad said, "Just in case".

Gerry walked with his Dad as far as the big double doors of the Sunday School building. Many people were passing them, walking toward the main building. With the backpack on and carrying Tara, Gerry looked like a junior version of his Dad. It made him feel kind of proud. On the way some grown ups would stop and fuss over the twins. Others said how much he looked like his Dad. Even some of the girls in his Sunday School class came up and talked to him. It was like this every Sunday when he held one of the twins. It was a little strange but kind of nice.

Since Tara had not burped, Dad said, "I'm going to head on in. Give her a few minutes. If she hasn't burped by the time the church bell rings, go on in. Maybe the custodian and his mop will get lucky."

Gerry laughed and said, "Sure thing, Dad."

As Gerry waited by the door he gently patted Tara on the back. He was very careful to aim her away from the people hurrying past. An older woman wearing a large hat and some strong perfume stopped to admire the baby.

"Oooh. Koochie, Koochie, Koo," she said, tickling Tara under her chin. Arn't choo a pwettie whittle thing!" No matter how Gerry turned the woman moved to face the baby. Gerry prayed for Tara to hold her burp for a few minutes more. The woman's face was inches from Tara's. He felt like he was holding a time bomb. The church bell started ringing. That meant that services were about to start. Just the excuse Gerry was looking for.

"Excuse me," he said, I'd love to stay and chat a while longer, but I'll be late for Sunday School. The woman waved and joined the few stragglers rushing by.

Gerry breathed a sigh of relief, but before he could open the door a mocking voice stopped him. "Excwoose me, I'd wuv to stay and chat a while woonger, but I be wait for Sunday Schwool".

Still thumping Tara's back Gerry turned. There stood Larry Michaels striker for the Mud Cats. He was big red headed kid, a year older and a full head taller than Gerry. A year ago, Larry had been kick out of youth group for picking on some of the younger kids. Gerry had made it his business to stay clear of him. Now he felt trapped. Larry's face was all wrinkled up and his thumb was in his mouth. "Oooh, arn't you the pweetiest whittle Pwrarie Chicken. Larry took his thumb out of his mouth and snarled. "You're going to need your diapers changed when the Mud Cats get done with you."

Gerry was struggling to find something smart to say back when he felt a familiar gurgle from Tara. He turned toward the door and just before Tara burped, he said, "I'm sorry..."

"Sorry about what, baby wipe?" asked Larry with a sneer.

"Uurp!" Tara burped.

Gerry glanced over his shoulder. Tara had deposited a healthy sized wad of curdled milk on Larry's shiny shoes. Larry was speechless. He stood there with his mouth open staring at his shoes.

"...I'm sorry, I can't stay and help clean up. I'll be late for Sunday School." Gerry hurried through to door and on to the nursery. Tara was smiling and looking proud of her good work. Yes sir, Gerry thought to himself, he sure did like helping out with the twins.






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