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Hop to some of my favorite sites for helping
Language Arts Teachers!


A to Z Teacher Stuff - Language Arts Lesson Plans

Alphabet Superhighway

Amazing Kids - a website of a non-profit educational organization dedicated to inspiring excellence in children.

Arts and Humanities at Education World

Ask Jeeves for Kids - award-winning resource page also has lesson plans for teachers if you ask

AskERIC lesson plans for language arts (ERIC -National Library of Education presents the Educational Resources Information Center)

Awesome Library -- Awesome Library organizes the Web with 14,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education

Busy Teachers Website - nice organized award-winning site to help teachers quickly.

Children's Book Council - a site that has resources for teachers, authors, publishers, and illustrators as well as parents.

CLEG (Children's Literature Web Guide)

Crayola Art Education (with lesson plans appropriate for language arts teachers)

Create Your Own Newspaper with This site gives you free space to create the front page of a newspaper. Might be good as an online activity to re-enforce journalism/language arts lessons in the classroom.

Daily Grammar [Lesson ideas]

Daryl Cagle's Pro Cartoonists Index - includes lesson plans for all grade levels (elementary, middle, high school) using editorial cartoons as starting points, and helps the student interpret and write about current events.

Ed View Smart Zone - for kids and teachers

Education World - Where Educators go to learn - Quick answers, lesson plans, current ideas, and more

English Pages - site that contains great reading and writing exercises including some on web research & essay writing. Helpful lesson plans for grades 6-9, 9-11, 11+.

Free worksheet on a variety of subjects

Garbl's Writing Resources On Line - an annotated directory of web sites focusing on English grammar, style, usage, plain language, words, reference sources, online writing experts, word play and books on writing.

Gateway Educational Materials - educational resources

Gateway to lesson plans on the internet - an amazing search tool]

Grammar - loads of stuff!

Grammar Now! An award-winning online Grammar help with links to other sites to assist with grammar-related questions. Can pose a question to an expert and get an answer usually in 24 hours.

Guide to Grammar and Writing, an award-winning site prepared by Professor of English/Humanities, Charles Darling, for English courses at Capital Community-Technical College and for the general online public. This site even has online quizzes on the various parts of grammar/punctuation etc. and usage to help re-enforce basic grammar & punctuation concepts.

Harper Collins Children's Books Publishers includes lesson plans

Homework Central - assistance with grammar, teacher / student area as well.

Internet Public Library (IPL) Owl Handouts for Writing Style and Technique

ISLMC Children's Literature & Language Arts Resources children's literature in education

Lesson Plans Page (over 300 lesson plans included)

Library Spot - a nice comprehensive site giving access to resources for research as well as lesson plans, reference sites, reference desk, access to reading periodicals and newspapers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more.

Mighty Media Teacher Talk - Teacher Forums and discussions - share ideas with other teachers worldwide

NY Statewide Testing Program (Grade 4)

New York Times on the Web Learning Network Teacher Connections (current lesson plans)

OFCN's (Organization for Community Network) Academy Curricular Exchange Language Arts Lessons Elementary (K-5)

Read In - Annual "Read In" day features authors, links to authors, and a chat between classrooms all over the country and authors to encourage reading

Reading Village

Scholastic Inc. - lesson plans, kids' books, book clubs & fairs, curriculum programs and materials, and more.

Smithsonian Education - Teaching resources, professional development for teachers, and more.

Stories to Grow By - Folk and Fairy tales from around the world

Study Web - The learning portal - award-winning site, organized, subject directory assisting in researching all sorts of topics from grammar and composition to literature and more. Lesson plans also.

Teachers First

Teachers Net -The Ultimate Teachers Resource including Chats & Lesson Plans includes lesson plans, school resources, and current information about certain outstanding schools

Teeny Bee - A way to order children's books, chat about them, and find out which books have appropriate lesson plans. Searching and ordering available.

Television Series Companion Materials - includes links to teaching materials developed by such television networks as Discovery, A&E, etc.

The Art of Writing

The Library Spot

The Gateway to Education Materials - Lots of general education and Language Arts Resources

The Scoop - award-winning site that offers reviews of children's books, activities for children, information about books and activities for teachers, educators and homeschoolers, special interviews with authors and illustrators, and links to other sites.

United States Department of Education -list of publications to download to help with reading, writing, and success in school.

United States Department of Education "Helping Your Child Learn to Read" with activities for children from infancy through age 10. Ties in with National Education Goals.

Word Find Puzzles

Webtime Story (& Resources) - a site that includes an annotated collection of web sites for people who love children's literature.

Web66 - International School Web Registry - List of New York State Schools that have registered with Web66 that have websites. Not a complete listing as some schools are not registered, but it's a good start.

WebGrammar - great resources

Whack Web Tales - Fun fill in the blank stories

Write Environment Software and Workshops on teaching writing. Writing lesson plans, information about writing for middle school level & business


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